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Monica Stephenson is more than a composer and vocalist. She is a poet with an extraordinary gift for capturing the words to tell stories from the hearts of those around her. She just so happens to have the musical talent to give these tales new life, integrating variation of style, harmony, instrumentation, and a vocal powerhouse into her work. Monica's performance and composition experience as well as her professional training provide a framework for her creativity, enabling her to infuse passion and brilliance into each new project with incredible energy and professionalism.

Monica brings a vibrant personality to the stage. Her comical timing and wit immediately draw in audiences, making her music sparkle and keeping fans glued to their seats. She has a fine-tuned radar for what works for her audiences, and she delivers incredible performances again and again.

Composer, singer, and comedian, Monica Stephenson is an artist you'll find hard to forget and easy to love.



 Voice, Piano and Beginner Guitar & Ukulele Lessons available


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Upcoming Projects & Performances ------------------------------------------------------------

A Hiawatha Project Original Play
Directed by Anya Martin
Devised by Heather Irwin, Anya Martin, and Monica Stephenson

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In My Traveling Song, a child of nature is lost from her mother, and in order to find her again, she must rely on courage, sweet and silly memories, and new discoveries about the fascinating and connected world around her.  Despite a world that can be unpredictable and sometimes sad, My Traveling Song reveals that connections between loved ones, communities and the physical world around us, can help to make us to feel safe, loved, and free to imagine a more empathic and playful world.

My Traveling Song is an interactive, original play that whimsically uplifts memory and music, along with sensory explorations to create a theatrical experience designed to cherish and invigorate relationships between very young children and their caregivers.  In My Traveling Song thunderstorms relinquish to cheerful mud puddles and darkness reveals magical firefly constellations in the night sky.

Hiawatha Project brings together a team of professional artists, all of whom are also the parents of young children, for a special original performance meant to be experienced by children aged 1-3 and a grown up that loves them.