Monica Stephenson

Vocalist     Composer      Theatre Artist     Funny Lady  

“As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it.” ― Lao Tzu

Video Short by The Harvey Wallbangers - Come to where the flavor is!

Video Short by The Harvey Wallbangers - When a high-powered mortgage broker takes her cute little daughter to the office, hi-jinks are bound to ensue!

The Harvey Wallbangers conducted a sleep study - their findings were truly disturbing. Video shot and edited by Josh Reardon

Video Short by The Harvey Wallbangers - Shakira and her dad go on a special trip for her Big Birthday.

The gals from Nice Hair recently watched the video for One Direction's song, "Little Things." Mystified and disturbed by the lyrics and overall tastelessness, they had this to say in response.  

Nice Hair features the musical and comedic stylings of Monica Stephenson, Tonilyn Jackson, Elena Tyler, Nicole Steele, and Amy Elizabeth Lindsay, all of whom are wildly talented, outgoing and rock amazing coiffures.  They are also modest.

It's 1991 and Pittsburgh cousins Cheryl and Mandy got a new Sony Camcorder for Christmas!  Now, it's time for them to share their unique talent with the world.  Here is their first song, a plea to the world to stop Re-Gifting...